Welcome to Kings Lane Medical Clinic
             Salt Spring Island, B.C.

 Hours of Operation

Monday  to Friday

8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Lunch Closure 

Mon-Friday 12-1 pm


#101- 164 Kings Lane

Salt Spring Island

B.C., Canada

  V8K 2P7

Phone: 250-537-1828

Fax:     250-537-1848

Dr. Manya Sadouski - Family Practice
Dr. Paula Ryan Inc. - Family Practice
Dr. Dan Kalf - Family Practice
Dr. John Morse Inc.- Internal Medicine

Dr. Shane Barclay Inc.- General Practice

Dr. Ian Gummeson Inc.- Family Practice

Visiting Specialists

Dr. Murray Morrison Inc. -Otolaryngology

Dr. Alex Anzarut Inc. - Plastic Surgeon

Dr. John Kinahan Inc.- Urologist


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Dr. Dan Kalf

Certified Marine

Medical Examiner

Please call the clinic

for an appointment